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The aim of Peace of Mind is to empower churches to support people with mental health concerns by:

Raising the level of mental health awareness among the churches in Brighton and Hove by providing training and supervision (training),


Networking across the churches of Brighton and Hove to encourage ventures which support people with mental health concerns (networking),


Providing a platform for churches to respond together to the needs of the local community around mental health (representation),


Investigating and resourcing innovative programmes for mental wellbeing amongst the churches of Brighton and Hove (innovation).

With one in four of the population likely to experience a mental health issue during their life time, every church needs to be prepared to be a safe place of healing and wholeness. 



Our Mission


Peace of Mind grew out of an awareness discussed within Churches Together of Central Brighton that there were many people in our congregations with mental health concerns. They had come to church seeking acceptance, friendship, support and love.  It was also clear that although church members were eager to try to support them, many were not sure how best to do it and quickly found themselves out of their depth. 



In 2012, it was decided to form a training group which could apply for funding and operate independently of Churches Together. Accordingly “Peace of Mind” was established and it now has a constitution, trustees, a small bank account and membership. 

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