Mental Health and Spirituality Courses:



14 February: Suicide Prevention

21 March: Mental Health Awareness

26/27 June: Supporting people in churches with mental health problems

21 November: Personality Disorders



13 February: Mental Health & Sprituality

25 June: Mental Health and Young People Training

15 October: Mental Health and Spirituality


4 February: How to Support People with Dementia and their Carers

17 June: How to support people who care for those living with mental concerns

30 September: Learning about how arts encourage mental well-being


3 February: Mental Health Awareness

14th April: Mental Health and Young People

3rd November:  How to Manage Difficult or Aggressive Behaviour.


16th February: Supporting People with Borderline Personality Disorders.

20th July: Learning about Mental Health and Nature; for more information see the Mental Health and Nature webpage.


A Peace of Mind Training Event:

Dementia Awareness


Living with dementia is a huge challenge and great strides are being made in learning about it and about how we can best support those affected by it. Peace of Mind is offering a training event to help us learn about these things. It will be led by Hilary Woodhead. This is what she tells us about herself and about our training day:

Hilary Woodhead is a dementia specialist with 30 years experience in the health and social care sector. Hilary is the Executive Director of NAPA  (National Activity Providers’ Association) and also provides consultancy and training in Brighton and Hove. Hilary has held a range of operational roles working directly with people with dementia and their families. She has worked across the sector to develop dementia services and is committed to supporting practitioners as they develop their knowledge and skills. 


Our one day course will give pastoral workers the opportunity to learn about dementia and consider best practices approaches. By the end of the session, course participants will be able to describe the main types of dementia; understand something of  the experience of living with dementia; recognise that each person living with dementia is unique and can experience well being; and begin to develop person-centred approaches and communication techniques.  


Venue:  Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, Dorset Gardens, Brighton, BN2 1RL

Date:  Saturday, 1st February, 2020, 10:00 to 3:00

Course Fee:  £10


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