Mental Health and Spirituality Courses:



14 February: Suicide Prevention

21 March: Mental Health Awareness

26/27 June: Supporting people in churches with mental health problems

21 November: Personality Disorders



13 February: Mental Health & Sprituality

25 June: Mental Health and Young People Training

15 October: Mental Health and Spirituality


4 February: How to Support People with Dementia and their Carers

17 June: How to support people who care for those living with mental concerns

30 September: Learning about how arts encourage mental well-being


3 February: Mental Health Awareness

14th April: Mental Health and Young People

3rd November:  How to Manage Difficult or Aggressive Behaviour.


16th February: Supporting People with Borderline Personality Disorders.

20th July: Learning about Mental Health and Nature; for more information see the Mental Health and Nature webpage.


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