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Mental Health Courses:



14 February: Suicide Prevention

21 March: Mental Health Awareness

26/27 June: Supporting people in churches with mental health problems

21 November: Personality Disorders



13 February: Mental Health & Sprituality

25 June: Mental Health and Young People Training

15 October: Mental Health and Spirituality


4 February: How to Support People with Dementia and their Carers

17 June: How to support people who care for those living with mental concerns

30 September: Learning about how arts encourage mental well-being


3 February: Mental Health Awareness

14th April: Mental Health and Young People

3rd November:  How to Manage Difficult or Aggressive Behaviour.


16th February: Supporting People with Borderline Personality Disorders.

20th July: Learning about Mental Health and Nature; for more information see the Mental Health and Nature webpage.


1st February: A Peace of Mind Training Event:

Dementia Awareness

NEW COURSE: Learning about: Listening


During these long months of the pandemic when so many have had to endure loneliness, loss and anxiety, all sorts of things have happened to our communities. We are emerging with new needs and weaknesses but also with new strengths. Great struggles and sorrows have been met with great kindness and generosity. Now as our churches are opening up, many are thinking of how best to further support their communities and neighbourhoods. And because our needs are so various, we need to be listening closely to those we encounter.


We can all improve our listening skills and on August 7th, Peter Wells and Emily Kenward are going to guide us on the path to improvement. Peter and Emily are both well-versed in the fine art of listening. Until recently Peter was Chaplain at the Royal Sussex County Hospital and now continues  as a private psychotherapist. Emily Kenward is the founder of Time to Talk Befriending and in 2019 was commissioned as an Anna Chaplain providing spiritual care for older people. Both have much practical experience.


The course they have prepared will help us answer the questions:

* How do I listen?  Using the experience of participants, we will look at how people listen, and consider what works and what does not.

* Am I really listening? We will explore making sure that the message heard was the message sent.

* What is expected of me? We will think about understanding what we are to do with what we hear, remembering we aren’t trying to solve people’s problems for them.

* What are my limitations?  We will consider our own limitations and when we need to refer to someone else. 


If you would like to join the course you can copy and print off the Booking Form or use the Contact Us box below:




Booking Form

Venue: Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, Dorset Gardens, Brighton,     BN2 1RL

Date:  Saturday, 7th August, 2021, 10:00 to 3:00

Course Fee:  £10







Tel:                                                                                        Email:


Church or other faith community (optional):



Please send your completed booking form and your course fee to Rev. Cynthia Park, 28 Peacock Lane, Brighton BN1 6WA. Make cheques payable to Peace of Mind.


Alternatively, you may email your form to and use online banking for your deposit. Peace of Mind’s account is at the Co-operative Bank, branch sort code 08-92-99 and the account number is 65510328.


If you need more information, please be in touch on 01273 640247






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